Videos from PEI on DMP

Dual Member Proportional (DMP) is a voting system that elects two representatives in every riding. It achieves proportional election results while giving nothing up in terms of local representation. The system will appear as one of five options on an upcoming electoral reform plebiscite on Prince Edward Island. Here’s a playlist of three videos from PEI on DMP:

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Yes, It’s Proportional An introduction to DMP for electoral reform advocates

Canadians interested in electoral reform are becoming aware of a newly invented voting system called Dual Member Proportional, or DMP. What makes DMP stand out is that it’s a form of proportional representation, yet it retains the following widely valued qualities of our current system:

  • The ballot is simple.
  • The ridings are small.
  • All elected representatives are accountable to their local constituents.

Having so much in common with First Past the Post, some electoral reform advocates wonder if Dual Member Proportional is really proportional at all. Are you among them?

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So what’s this brand new voting system they’re talking about in Prince Edward Island?

Public consultations are underway to decide on a plebiscite question that could change the way MLAs are elected in the province of Prince Edward Island.

To help get things started, the Government of PEI released a video. It informs Islanders about 5 voting systems under consideration:

  • First-Past-The-Post
  • First-Past-The-Post-Plus
  • Dual-Member Mixed Proportional (DMP)
  • Mixed Member Proportional (MMP)
  • Preferential Voting

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