DMP for Canada Video

Two media production students from Ryerson University—Vincent Piette and Michal Heuston—collaborated with me on a high quality¬†video explaining the Dual Member Proportional voting system. The students did a fantastic job.¬†Enjoy the video!

Dual Member Proportional (DMP) is a voting system designed to meet Canada’s unique needs. For details, visit the DMP for Canada website:

And here’s a visualization of the complete Canada-wide simulation results for DMP and other voting systems:

DMP was one of the 5 options on the 2016 Prince Edward Island, plebiscite. The plebiscite was won by a related system, Mixed Member Proportional (MMP). Find out more from Elections PEI:

Please share your interest in DMP with your Member of Parliament (MP). You find can him/her using the link below:

You can also follow the progress of the Parliament of Canada’s Special Committee on Electoral Reform:

For information on other forms of proportional representation designed for Canada, click the link below.


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