I’m a computer programmer, simulation expert, and voting system enthusiast who lives in Toronto, Canada.


Welcome to my website!

The coding page shares some of my best programming-related work. This includes a selection of freely available papers and open source code produced at Autodesk Research, where I’ve worked since 2009. It also includes my master’s research at Carleton University and some of my ideas on programming language design.

The voting page describes my recent interest in electoral reform. The task of developing a system with a simple user interface (the ballot) that yields the desired results (election winners who reflect the votes cast) is the kind of challenge programmers face on a regular basis. In the case of voting, a system that works well for all users will actually strengthen democracy.

My blog posts are currently all about voting systems, but that may change over time.

Please explore my website, and contact me if anything captures your interest. Thanks!