Selected Videos on Electoral Reform

Canada’s newly elected Prime Minister has pledged to replace the current First Past the Post voting system (see this article). The promise draws attention to more advanced voting systems such as Single Transferable Vote (STV) and Mixed-Member Proportional (MMP). These systems tend to confuse people, so I’ve picked out a few videos that explain them quite well.

Multi-Winner STV relies on a sophisticated but elegant algorithm. It caused a fair amount of confusion when it was proposed for the Canadian province of British Columbia. But this short video from SUSUtv is very clear:

Closed-List MMP was proposed for the province of Ontario, though it was clearly rejected by the voters. CPG Grey has a number of YouTube videos on advanced voting systems, and I find the one on MMP informative:

Finally, Fair Vote Canada has produced several excellent videos on how proportional representation might be implemented in Canada. The video on Open-List MMP is below, and the others can be found here.

Do you know of any other great videos on electoral reform? Please comment.

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